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Goderich business community gathers at annual Mayor’s Luncheon

Updated: May 31

By Kathleen Smith

On May 9 notable business owners, residents, and dignitaries attended the sold out 2024 Goderich Mayor’s Luncheon at the iconic Beach Street Station.

Mayor Trevor Bazinet made his inaugural appearance and speech at the annual luncheon.

Bazinet, known for his dedication to and passion for the Goderich community, shared his journey to local politics, as well as his insights and plans for the future of the town.

Before his speech commenced, Bazinet paid tribute to former mayor, the late Myles Murdock.

“He was a mentor to me, and I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for Myles,” lamented Bazinet.

“He had a love and passion for this community like no other.”

Stating that he is one small part of six other members of council, which works well together as a team, Bazinet paid tribute to the work council is doing together to enhance the town.

Recently, six members of council attended the Good Roads Conference, which had concurrent sessions.

In response to some social media public criticism that six members of council attended, and taxpayers’ money went to paying for their stay at the conference, Bazinet said council went as a team to invest in Goderich.

With majority of council at the conference, the team split up to attend each concurrent session, bringing information together in the end.

“We are going to these conferences for good reasons,” added Bazinet.

“It’s a good investment.”

In addition to praising the volunteers and youth in this community and sharing his passion for continuing to make Goderich inclusive for everyone, Bazinet stressed how important the infrastructure project of the downtown core is.

“We have to do this, the infrastructure is over 100 years old,” Bazinet explained.

“We are going to create something wonderful for the town to have for the next 70 years before it needs to be done again. There’s an opportunity to create a space that is welcoming and accessible for everyone.”

Bazinet stressed that the current plans for the project are conceptual. Nothing has been decided upon yet, but the project will go ahead as it is necessary to replace the aging infrastructure.

“It’s a smart investment for us to make as a council, to dive into this project and create something beautiful,” he added, noting that council wants the project complete in time for the town’s bicentennial in 2027.

“We want to celebrate it with a beautiful, new downtown.”

The Mayor’s Luncheon celebrates nearly 150 years of partnership between the Huron Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Goderich, tracing roots as far back as 1875 when the chamber was part of the Goderich Board of Trade.

“This event provides a platform for the mayor of the day to review the past y ear’s achievements and outline a vision for the future, directly addressing our local business leaders,” said Colin Carmichael, President of the Huron Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s a key opportunity to foster dialogue and planning shared progress in our community.”

The luncheon is not just an event, but rather a tradition that embodies the spirit of Goderich, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and growth.

It was an opportunity to engage with community leaders and fellow citizens, united in a passion for the prosperity and well-being of the town.

In line with Goderich’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation, Bazinet was accompanied by two distinguished guest speakers – Julie Sawchuk and Raj Mohabeer – who did not disappoint.

Sawchuk, an internationally acclaimed authority on accessibility, brought her wealth of knowledge and experience to enlighten the community on creating more inclusive environments.

Mohabeer, a leader in urban design, offered his expertise on shaping spaces that enhance community life and sustainability.

There was a total of 110 in attendance.

No date is set for next year, but the chamber aims for early May 2025.


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