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The last ten years have been devastating for local news coverage… but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


While certain media conglomerates have failed to adapt to a changing environment, resulting in closed newspapers and slashed workforces, we’ve been “doing the opposite”, to borrow a phrase from George Costanza. We’ve worked with local people to launch new publications in towns and cities who have lost their papers, and we’ve invested in quality newspapers whose existence was threatened by lack of a succession plan.


Our keys to success are in simple philosophies, such as “local people telling local stories” and that “news should be free and accessible for all”. From a business standpoint, we believe “advertising rates must make sense for businesses of all sizes”. While these all sound like common sense, these philosophies are indeed “the opposite” of what some of the big media companies are doing.   


One big thing that hasn’t changed in this industry is people’s desire for local news. That’s what it is all about: helping to make communities stronger by sharing important news, inspiring people through positive stories, and preserving memories while recording history for all-time. 


Simply put, our goal at Grant Haven Media is to restore small-town journalism, one community at a time. 

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