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GDCI graduating STEM team members recognized for exceptional work

The graduating GDCI STEM competition teams were recognized for their exceptional work this year at the most recent Goderich Council meeting on June 17.

During this year the STEM teams competed at many events, and here is a list of their accomplishments:

• Environthon Provincials (Forestry) 1st place

• Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) Olympics 1st place

• London Science Olympics (Dissection) 3rd place

• London Science Olympics (Hammer Swing) 2nd place

• Guelph Battle STEM (Lightbot) 1st place

• Guelph Battle STEM (Math) 1st place

• Guelph Battle STEM (Clean water) 3rd place

• McMaster Materials Olympics (Domesday) 1st

Members of the STEM team who attended the June 17 Council meeting included: Jacob Watson (Grade 12 and heading off to University of Waterloo for Mechanical Engineering), Justin McLeod (Grade 13 and heading off to Queen’s University for Engineering), Gryffin Langis (Grade 12 and heading off Western University for Medical Sciences), Brady Fraser (Grade 13 and heading off to Queens’ University, and Kellen Brenner (Grade 13 and heading off to the University of Guelph for Mechanical Engineering).

One of the teachers who helped with this team was Melanie Ball who has been teaching at GDCI for nearly 20 years.

“It’s the first year we’ve had a roller coaster ride like this,” said Ball at the Council meeting.

“We have had a spectacular year and I’m sad to see this group go.”


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