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Business is ‘blooming’ at Adam’s Flora

Updated: May 31

By Luke Edwards

He didn’t realize it at the time, but Dan Moran would find healing from the loss of his father in the unlikeliest of places: a farmers’ market.

It happened about four years ago. At the time Dan was a machine operator and his wife Britt was a hairstylist. However, Dan’s father, Adam, always had a connection to flowers, growing and farming. So after his death, the couple took stock of where they were in life, and what made them happy.

“He was my best friend and he loved farming and natural things,” said Dan. “We decided we weren’t happy with what we were doing.”

They started propagating house plants on the side, which eventually turned into a business that they named after Dan’s father.

Adam’s Flora opened a bricks and mortar store in downtown St. Catharines in 2022, but can also be found at local farmers’ markets, including Port Colborne, Welland and St. Catharines.

While they still consider themselves urban farmers, growth in their business has meant they also source products from local farms.

Beyond the florals they sell, Britt and Dan have also begun adding other related products. This spring they began offering “lavenade” at the St. Catharines market. A lavender drink, Britt said it’s been a popular addition. They’re hoping to use more edible flowers to create new foods and drinks for people to try.

“Our goal is to spread into floral ice cream, eventually, using stuff that we grow,” Britt said.

Being able to set up a table at the local markets has been a thrill for the couple, giving them a chance to interact with people. It was a far cry from Dan’s former job.

“It’s great, you talk to a lot of awesome people,” he said. “It’s really enjoyable.”

Their storefront is at 144 St. Paul St., though in April they announced plans to move three doors down.

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