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Young Guys win big at Ryder Cup

By Stewart Grant

What a difference a year makes.

While last year’s Ryder Cup was as close as possible – it ended in a 16-16 tie – this year’s event was a blowout of historic proportions with the Young Guys winning 24.5 to 7.5 to earn back the cup they last won in 2021.

“I thought we had a pretty strong team from top to bottom,” winning captain Steve Hinz told the Independent.

Hinz searched high and low among the St. Marys Golf & Country Club membership to field the best-possible team for the Young Guys, and ultimately added four Ryder Cup rookies to the squad: Ryan Luft, Will Lamoureux, Alex Taylor and Jordan Leyser.

“I would say it worked out pretty good,” said Hinz.

The 17-point margin of victory was the highest in Ryder Cup history, eclipsing the Young Guys’ 22-10 win in 2016 and 17.5-6.5 win in 2004.

Despite the lopsided margin of defeat, Tom Westerveld’s Old Guys team put up a strong fight. Of the 32 matches held over the weekend, nearly half (15) came down to the final hole.

Hinz spoke to the Independent about his love for the Ryder Cup weekend at St. Marys.

“It’s the best event out here,” he said. “The match play – there’s nothing like playing straight up, head-to-head and rooting for everyone on the team. It’s a different atmosphere.”

Over the years, the age that separates Young Guys and the Old Guys has been a moving target designed to make the competition as even as possible. Since 2004, the Young Guys have edged the Old Guys by a slim 51 per-cent to 49 per-cent margin, but given this year’s lopsided result, there is an understanding that the age for the Old Guys team will be lowered slightly in 2025, meaning a few of this year’s oldest Young Guys will become next year’s youngest Old Guys.

“This is my swan song year (on the Young Guys team), so it’s a nice way to go out as a winning captain,” said Hinz.

Ryder Cup notes:

• Kyle Heinbuch, who posted a 3-0 record during the weekend, was named MVP of this year’s Ryder Cup.

• Other players who had perfect records this year were Johnny Alum, Ryan Luft and captain Hinz.

• Tristan Dundas was named captain of next year’s Young Guys team. Brian Humphrey will be the Old Guys captain.

• Due to the heavy rains last week, holes 4-6 were closed during Saturday’s Better Ball and Alternate Shot competitions. For matches that went the 18-hole maximum, holes 1-3 were replayed. The St. Marys Golf & Country Club grounds crew worked hard to get holes 4-6 playable by Sunday’s Singles rounds.


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