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SDSS students take their tractors to school on the last day of classes

A number of farm students drove their tractors to Stratford District Secondary School (SDSS) on the last day of classes before the start of final exams.They parked in a line to show off their green, red, blue and even yellow machines to celebrate in their own way June 21, the longest day of the year, the end of the school year and, after exams, the beginning of summer holidays.Most of those farm students, when asked, said they help with chores on their farms which includes milking cows, feeding chickens and pigs and even gathering eggs along with field work including planting and harvesting.They said they enjoy working with their families whether it’s driving tractors or other farm equipment, and they all admit that machinery safety is always top of mind and have learned extensively from many 4-H programs they have been involved with throughout the year.


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