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New Ownership at St. Marys New Orleans Pizza

By Wendy Lamond

New Orleans Pizza has officially reopened under new ownership.

The new owner, Ajay Gautam, immigrated from India to Canada a decade ago. When asked what brought Gautam to Canada, he said he wanted to do something on his own for himself.

He was selling cars in London when a friend who owned a pizza place encouraged him to get involved in the business. He bought the Listowel New Orleans in October 2023, but after seeing the St. Marys store and experiencing the friendliness of the town, Gautam decided to change locations and took over the St. Marys store on April 10.

Some of the changes that have taken place since new ownership took over include the reintroduction of subs on the menu, and the delivery radius has also been extended.

Also, previously when calling in to the store, customers were put to a call centre. This is no longer in place and when customers call to place an order, they will be speaking with someone at the St. Marys location.

Gautam is open to any suggestions as to how to make the business better and is eager to meet the community.

He is thrilled to be running the St. Marys New Orleans Pizza.

“Life has its up and downs, but you need to believe in yourself and good things will happen,” Gautam said.

Orders can be placed by calling 519-284-4949. Locals can also reach the New Orleans Pizza team at


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