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New owners of Ken’s French Fries thank community and team

Updated: May 31

By Hannah Kavanagh

Ken’s French Fries of Stratford has some new faces, but the same dedication as before.

Kevin and Laurie Zehr are the new owners of the 71-year-old food-truck business that sits every week in the Canadian Tire and Giant Tiger parking lots. This comes in the wake of Keystone Hospitality selling off some of its former properties, and Ken’s was an opportunity the Zehrs didn’t want to miss. With little experience in the restaurant industry, they took on the challenge for the appeal of its flexibility and family friendliness.

“We wanted to do something as a family, and working for ourselves,” said Kevin Zehr.

The whole family is indeed involved. The two older sons, Ethan and Cody, are working at the food trucks. Ethan has experience in culinary schooling, lending to a homemade aioli he makes himself.

Currently, the mobility of the two food trucks is limited to a 25-kilometre radius for events. They hope to expand that in the near future.

In the meantime, knowing the reputation Ken’s has in the community, the family is dedicating themselves to the same fry standards as always.

“We knew it was really big in the community before,” said Kevin Zehr. “People line up for as long as they have to, to get it.”

Line-ups in the parking lots aren’t new to Ken’s, and the community outpouring of support for the new owners has not gone unnoticed.

“Good luck! Tradition continues!” said Facebook commenter Marcella A. Cahill upon the announcement.

Across social media, the community has wished the best for the Zehrs and put in requests for extra fries and new locations across Perth County.

“It’s nostalgia and community,” said Laurie Zehr.

They thank the customers and their team, both old and new faces, for continuing to support them as they work out what it means to own a longstanding business.

“Stratford has been amazing through the first week of operations,” said Kevin Zehr.

For now, the focus for the Zehrs is getting situated, keeping morale up and making sure the fries stay delicious.

“We want to get back and focus on the quality and consistency of what Ken’s has always been,” said Laurie Zehr.


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