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Creative Day Out and opportunity for residents and visitors to explore their artistic side

By Emily Stewart

Visitors and residents of St. Marys will have a chance to immerse themselves in two different types of creating.

Zenfire Pottery and Mercantile and Stone Home Creatives have teamed up to bring a Creative Day Out to St. Marys. The next Creative Day Out will happen on July 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at a cost of $90 plus tax per participant. The event will provide opportunities to sculpt pottery at Zenfire and make candles with Stone Home Creatives with a chance to stop by St. Marys shops and restaurants during a lunch break.

"We’re hoping we can get day-trippers, you know?” said Sue Hyatt-Griffiths, owner of Stone Home Creatives. “(We’re hoping) people an hour to two hours away (will) come and experience the town but (we’re) glad to have locals, too."

Each event holds about 10 to 12 people and the workshops will be based on the season. For example, participants in the spring Creative Day Out made strawberry bowls at Zenfire Pottery and beeswax candles at Stone Home Creatives. The past events have been successful, with participants coming from London, Seaforth, Woodstock, Orangeville, Kitchener and other places – even as far as New York.

“Everyone who has attended tells us how much fun they’ve had,” said Angela Patterson, owner of Zenfire Pottery and Mercantile. “The event has been such a great way for friends and family to spend time and make memories together.”

Some of the participants will know either Hyatt-Griffiths or Patterson personally and will learn more about the other’s craft.

"It's kind of interesting because sometimes people know about me,” Hyatt-Griffiths said, “and then they’re just, 'Oh, this is cool, now I can learn about pottery,’ and sometimes it goes the other way around where it's people that Angela knows and then it kind of introduces them to candle making."

Both Hyatt-Griffiths and Patterson enjoy working together to enhance the creative scene in St. Marys.

"I think we complement each other really well because we don't really compete at all in what we do,” Hyatt-Griffiths said. “We draw that clientele and I think that clientele is kind of a townwide vibe because we’ve got the fabric store, we've got MacPherson’s. There's a number of creative-type places in town."

“I love this collaboration between the two businesses,” Patterson said. “It’s so easy when we both have the same vision.”

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