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A blooming experience you won’t want to miss

Updated: May 31

I have always had a passion for flowers and the beauty they bring to any home or garden. When I was given the opportunity to visit a local greenhouse to gather info and pictures, I knew I would be so in my element and jumped at the chance.

Growing up locally I can remember frequent visits to Berkel Greenhouses, on Conc. 14, and their self-serve stand offering up some of the best greenhouse vegetables around. I was excited to see that Drew and his family, the 3rd generation of ‘passionate green thumbs’, decided to expand their operations from just greenhouse vegetables to the greenhouse floral market as well. Fitting that the new venture reflects both the family heritage and the family name. “Our family came here from the town of Berkel in South Holland and ‘Bloem’ means flower in Dutch so BerkelBloem was born” adds Drew.

Two years ago this past December Berkel purchased the property on Conc. 14 and his vision ‘grew’ from there. The first year he dedicated his time to developing and growing his greenhouse industry in tropical plants. Their wholesale end of the farming operation specializes in Bromeliads, Ficus, Gardenia, Lemon Cypress, Ellwoodii and two types of Lavender – Spanish and English. They employ 4 full time staff and Mom and Dad are great to help out wherever needed.

“We’re already cultivating and supplying tropical plants wholesale. We’re more than just a greenhouse operation…it’s a testament to the world of floriculture. We have a variety of tropical plants in the greenhouse and now our own unique wonder in Tulips…500,000 in fact” adds Berkel. “We have about 2 acres out of 6 that are dedicated to the flowers. There are 16 varieties to choose from for the pick your own. We were really lucky to have our supplier in Holland come to help us plant our field…He was a really incredible guy”.

Depending on Mother Nature, Tulip picking should begin late April and the Berkel’s will be hosting visitors to their farm for the chance to stroll the fields of blooms. Tickets are $15 and they offer you the opportunity to wander through their fields, at your leisure, and enjoy the row upon row of stunning, colorful tulips. Your ticket also includes 10 Tulip stems, of your choice, with the option to purchase more stems for just $1.00 each. Entry times are flexible and you can choose yours online or take a drive out to the farm. Tickets can be purchased in advance by going to

This is not just a chance to stroll through the fields but rather a chance to create unforgettable family memories so pack a picnic lunch, bring your camera and make a day of it. The thousands of Tulips in bloom will provide a beautiful backdrop for lots of photos and family fun. Consider it as a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Berkel family -Drew, Melanie, Rory and June - are offering everyone the chance to enjoy this unique experience and welcome Spring 2024 to Norfolk County. The farm is located at 466 Windham Rd. 12 and is set back in from the road. There will be plenty of parking available and lots of wide open space for everyone. Be sure to check them out and follow, on Facebook, at Berkelbloem Take time to stop and smell the flowers! 


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